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Bond Cleaning Services

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House Cleaning


House cleaning is different to apartment cleaning in that the outside of the home needs to be considered as well as the inside. There is often a back yard clean up to do as well as garage and or car-port cleaning. We use high and low pressure cleaning equipment to get your rental premises looking spic and span.

Apartment Cleaning


Getting your apartment cleaned at the end of your tenancy is of vital importance in securing the return of your bond. We do everything from carpet cleaning (see above and this page) to dishwasher and oven cleaning, as well as making sure all the cupboards and wardrobes are perfectly clean.

Move In Cleaning


If you've left your previous home or apartment spotless, it is very disappointing to find that your new home is not immaculate. However, after you've been a tenant for a while, you'll know this is the usual situation. We can provide very economical move-in cleaning for your new premises. Very special deals available for move out/move in package cleans.

Get a 30 second quote on carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Every carpet &/or upholstery clean is different! Therefore the time we spend trying to renew a carpet or upholstery will depend on: general carpet condition, pets, food areas, and how long each separate spot/stain/spill has been on the carpet.Whilst we can't make old carpet new again, this is the next best thing.  

Deep Spring Cleaning


Even if you're not moving out, and especially if you are in a long term tenancy, it's worthwhile considering a deep spring clean for your property. This helps you to keep the property up to the standard required by the landlord or agent, especially useful for the quarterly inspection and makes it such a delight to live in afterwards!

Upholstery Cleaning


Whether you're taking your furniture with you or you need to have it cleaned as part of your lease arrangements, we can assist with our careful and allergen-free upholstery cleaning.

Ask us for details about our package deals with cleaning, carpet and upholstery.

Additional Services

Curtains and Blinds


Fortunately at this stage Townsville is the only city where many leases require tenants to have curtains and blinds professionally cleaned on exit, so in most cases you can brush them off yourself and save good money. If you are concerned about their condition we will be able to give you advice.



Pest Control


Our focus is on providing child and pet friendly pest control solutions perfectly suited for leased properties. We get rid of the pests that spread diseases such as rats and cockroaches and we can also provide termite eradication.


Our aim is not to worry you with difficult processes or having to return for multiple treatments. We aim to resolve your problem the first time and make your experience stress free. 




Inside Oven


Oven cleaning is a specialised area and we can do this for you on request.  Your oven will look better, and if you are not vacating, you will also save on power consumption. A clean oven works more efficiently than a dirty one. Old grease, oils or anything else contaminating your oven can effect the flavour of food cooked in it, so your cleaned oven will give you better-tasting food too.



Interior Walls


Walls tend to be where the majority of problems come from when vacating a property. Unfortunately the use of cheap, poor quality acrylic paints means that maintaining paintwork can be difficult. It is important that you have a realistic look at your walls and determine if there is more than fair wear and tear. All our prices include cobweb, dust and spot clean of walls which in the majority of cases is sufficient. Washing walls floor to ceiling is a considerably larger job and one that you are only required to do if you have caused a problem. Let us know if you have concerns, as mentioned earlier it is only if you have caused a problem that you will have one. 



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