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The dirt on walls...

Here's the dirt on walls...well, not literally - I mean here's what you need to think about, you know...the nitty gritty. But now that I'm thinking about it...I really am talking about the actual dirt, grime and possibly coloured pencils on walls. Pretty funny until you have to clean them!

Walls tend to be where the majority of problems come from when vacating a property.Unfortunately the use of cheap, poor quality acrylic paints means that maintaining paintwork can be difficult. It is important that you have a realistic look at your walls and determine if there is more than fair wear and tear.

All our prices include cobweb, dust and spot clean of walls which in the majority of cases is sufficient. Washing walls floor to ceiling is a considerably larger job and one that you are only required to do if you have caused a problem. Let us know if you have concerns, as mentioned earlier it is only if you have caused a problem that you will have one.

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