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Bond Cleaning: After sales service

As good as it gets

Our cleaners work hard not to miss anything the first time but when cleaning something as big as a house it is always possible to miss a smudge on a mirror or a streak on a floor.

If that is the case it is what happens next that is important...At tenants Cleaners we give you as good as it gets for your bond cleaning. We can’t and won’t offer you a bond back guarantee because we would just be telling you a lie.

We will offer you the same after sales service that our team has been offering our clients for over 15 years.

If anything is found to have been missed by our cleaners for which you were charged, we ask that a list be emailed to us by your property manager and we have our cleaners return free of charge within two working days of receipt of a list. Now that is a real guarantee!!!

What if i’m treated unfairly?

Unfortunately there are times that even after your best efforts you will need to stand your ground. If you believe you are being bullied or treated unfairly you need to go to our links page so you can find your local tenants union. If there is no clear way forward you may have to have your case heard by a tribunal. It is of course a last resort however if you find yourself in that situation our support is ongoing, writing supporting letters to aid you achieve a successful outcome.

Be informed

Do your home work, if you are unsure of your rights and responsibilities, get the answers you need.

Go to our important links page for the phone numbers you need

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